Alex Ong's Various Boat Fishing Trips in Australia & M'sia
Here's various boat fishing pics, mainly in Weipa, north of Cairns, Australia & 2 pics in Malaysia.
A 30 kg "Indo-pacific Sailfish" caught in Rompin, east of Malaysia.
"Spotted Coralgrouper", known as 'Coral Trout' in Australia
A 3 kg "Mangrove Red Snapper", known as 'Mangrove Jack' in Australia.
"John's Snapper", also known as 'Fingermark' in Australia.
"Orange-spotted Grouper", known as 'Estuary Cod' in Australia.
"Talang Queenfish"
"White Trevally", also known as 'Silver Trevally' in Australia.
Caught this "giant trevally" during my recent trip in Subang saltwater pond.
***Photos Courtesy of surfer, Alex Ong***
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