Fish Site
FishBase-One of the best Site where there are tons of fishes from all over the world & many other fish related infos.
FishBase-Mirror Site, exactly the same with the main site but it's alot easier to surf in
from here.
Homepage Fishes of Malaysia-Mainly of commercial fishes caught in Malaysia
Exploration Trails-Not exactly about fishes but it's an interesting Site as they have updated it regularly, the nature places & trails where you can explore in our tiny island.
International Fishing Site
Big Fish Tackle-A US Site with lots of interesting fishing articles, fish pics & an active
Bungsamran, Thailand's Famous Fishing Park-Hosted by Jonathan Loi, Zoom Fishing,Sg
Hong Kong Fishing Forum(Tons of Pics, in Mandarin)-Hosted by Cool Crab
Local Fishing Site
Boatfishing with Conrad-Hosted by Conrad
DFW, The Lurers' Site-Hosted by Dave by Anthony Wong
Ken's Fishing Haven-Hosted by Kenny Khoo
King of the Sea-Hosted by Daveson Lee
Liquid Fishing Singapore-Hosted by James Toh
Melvin's Webpage-Hosted by Melvin Ng
Michael Lim's Web Page-Hosted by Michael Lim
Northern Territory Fishing SG-Hosted by Ronnie Lim
Tim's Fishing Page-Hosted by Tim Foo
Local Fishing Forum
Fishing Kaki Forum-Hosted by John Hooi
Fishing Boat Charter
Kenny Fishing-Hosted by Kenny Seaw
NightAngler's Fishing Charter-Hosted by Yew Seng
Singapore Offshore Fishing-Hosted by Frankie Lee
* If you would like to add your site here [preferably with fish or fishing related], you are always welcomed to. Just send your site address to my email at & I may put it up for you. Thank you.
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