Sam Chong - Bangkok Freshwater Fishing Pond[23/8/02]
On his recent fishing trip to Thailand. They went to a Fishing Pond[Catch & Release] in Bung Sam Lan, which is about half an hr travel from the city central of Bangkok. It will cost you S$80 per rod, inclusive of baits, from 9 am to 12 midnight. Fishes incl..Mekong Catfish, Stripe Catfish, Saimese Carps, Pagu etc. This 2 days, Aug trip, with 4 of them caught over 80+ fishes = 5 above 30kg, 15 ab 20kg & lots of over 10kg. Good fighting fish as they will fight till the end. Worth a try!!!
***Click on the Giant Catfish to view the details***
Michael's largest Catfish
Ah Hua's turn....
It's so powerful....
Sam Chong - Bangkok Freshwater Fishing Pond[12/7/02] - 1st Trip
10 kg Stripe Catfish
Caught a 18 kg Mekong Catfish
A whopping 23 kg Siamese Carp
His brother, Kenny with a...Catfish...
***Photos Courtesy of surfers, Sam Chong***
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