Sam Chong - MALDIVES  Offshore Boat Fishing
Welcome to exotic Maldives, the place where avid anglers from all over the world, come here to try their big-game fishing. Fishes like Marlins, Sailfishes, Tunas, Giant Trevallies, Dorados, Groupers, Bass, Trouts & many other reef fishes. It takes about 4 hr's flight from S'pore to this beautiful clusters of 1192 islands with fine white sands & crystal-clear waters. His most recent trip was in Feb this yr[it's his 4th trip] This place is not gonna be cheap, it set him back S$1800 for a 7 days trip. The price varies depending on which island resorts & the durations. But it's worth the experience & u'll be coming back for more!
Dogtooth Tuna from popping
35 kg Giant trevally
8 kg Bluefin Jack
Good-size Grouper
Edward......Giant Trevally
Michael...... Redbass
Damien........Maori Wrasse
Juvenile Dorado from trolling
Time for some beach fishing. It's crystal-clear water is just to hard to resist!
The local with a
***Photos Courtesy of surfer, Sam Chong***
Since 9/10/02
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