View of the Dam from the outside..
From the dam, you can see "Pulau Punggol Barat" at a distance.
The opening of the dam is very deep. At certain time, they will open the gate to let the water flow in or out. You can try casting over there but be very careful not to fall in as the current will be very strong..
You can always try your luck on the left side of the dam too.
Travel along Yishun Ave 1 all the way almost to the end, you'll reach the dam. Just park along the roadside, as everyone does that. Evening, night time & weekends are popular over here.
Most of them cast from the right side of the dam & you can try anywhere along it's long thin coast but not across the road as fishing is not allowed in the reservoir[you must go to their designated fishing areas].
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There's plenty of this "Green Chromide"  taking your 'bread' bait. If you have the time & patient, you may be able to get your "KBL [Barramudi]"
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