Bigeye Trevally
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Width[excl fins]:
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Bigeye Trevally

Caranx sexfasciatus
Carangidae [Jacks & Pompanos]
34.9 cm [max to 120 cm]
9.3 cm
518 gm [max to 18 kg]
Marine, brackish, freshwater
Up to 96 m
Commercial fisheries; Gamefish.
Coastal & oceanic waters with reefs. Occasionally enters rivers & swim well into inland freshwater, though not in local context.
Blue-green dorsally, silvery white, sometimes with shades of yellow below. Tail fin yellowish-black. Adipose eyelid well developed[the bulge just behind the eyes]. A small black spot on the upper edge of opercle[gill cover]. Dorsal spines:9, rays:19-22; Anal spines:3, rays:14-17. The best way to ID trevallies is to count the fins & you'll be able to pinpoint or at least narrow it down to only a few possiblities.
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