Brown-marbled Grouper
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Local common name:
Scientific name:
Total Length:
Width[excl fins]:
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Brown-marbled Grouper
Lao hu bun[mandarin] or the direct translation: Tiger Grouper
Epinephelus fuscoguttatus
Serranidae [Seabasses: Groupers], Subfamily: Epinephelinae
30.7 cm [max to 120 cm]
9 cm
600 gm [max to 11 kg]
1 to 60 m
Minor Commercial Fisheries; Commercial Aquaculture; Commercial Aquarium
Yes but most are from fish-farming or may have escaped from fish-farm. This particular fish, a farm-bred species, are from Goh's Marine, a fishfarm off Pasir Ris.
Coral reefs, estuarines.. Feeds on a very wide varieties of food due to their potential huge sizes.
Look out for the dorsal head profile, it's indented at the eyes, then convex onwards. Round tail fin. Body brownish yellow with slight greenish. Five irregular browns blotches[much more distinct when it's alive]. Closely-packed brown spots scattered all over body, including fins.
*Pls note that there's another grouper goes by the actual FAO name of 'Tiger Grouper[mycteroperca tigris]' but it's mainly found near the American continent.
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