Freckled Goatfish
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Freckled Goatfish

Upeneus tragula
Mullidae [Goatfishes]
24.3 cm(1st fish) [max to 30 cm]
4.6 cm
160 gm
Marine, brackish
Up to 40 m
Commercial fisheries; Commercial aquarium.
Yes, the 2nd fish was caught by Dennis, off Lazarus Island, South of Singapore. The 1st fish was caught off Horsburgh water.
Over sand & mud bottoms near coral reefs. Generally solitary.
Irregular dots & blotches on body. Brown-blackish stripe from snout to caudal fin. Stripes on caudal fin & on both dorsal fins. Dorsal spines:8, rays:9 ; Anal spines:1, rays:7.
Photo courtesy[2nd pic] of 'Dennis Tan'
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