Herring Scad
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Herring Scad

Alepes vari
Carrangidae [Jacks & Pompanos]
21.3 cm [max to 56 cm]
5.7 cm
90 gm
Marine, brackish.

Minor commercial fisheries.
Yes, this fish was caught off the channel btw Pasir Ris & Ubin.
Pelagic. Shallow coastal waters near surface.
At a glance, it may look like those common 'selars' found in the mkt but it's not. Body shape of this fish is much broader. Black blotch on the operculum is indistinct or even absent. A pretty large scad species.
Dorsal spines:9, rays:23-25 ; Anal spines:3, rays:20-23. Scutes:48-69 on straight lateral line.

Credit goes to 'Kelvin KP Lim' in helping in the ID of this fish
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