Kissing Gourami
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Kissing Gourami
Green Kisser [only for the green species] or Tebakang[malay name]
Helostoma temminckii
Helostomatidae [Kissing Gourami]
Approx 24 cm [max to 30 cm]

Up to 2 m
Highly Commercial Fisheries; Commercial Aquaculture; Gamefish; Commercial aquarium.
Yes, this fish was caught just outside Kranji Dam. In S'pore, Kissing gouramies are extremely uncommon in the wild. It's mainly in the aquarium shops or aquarist's home. Natives from Malaysia upwards.
Slow-moving water with thick vegetation. Feeds on small animals, plants, insects & zooplankton.
There are 2 varieties of colours: The common & well-known 'Pink' & the seldom seen 'Green' species. Small mouth & unique shape of the tail fin.
Juveniles & smaller 'Pink kissers' are usually in the aquarium trade. In S'pore, it's usually not used as 'food fish' nor gamefishing.

*Credit goes to 'Kelvin K.P. Lim' for helping in the ID of this fish.
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