Threespined Toadfish
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Threespined Toadfish*
Three-spined Frogfish

Batrachomoeus trispinosus
Batrachoididae [Toadfishes]
Approx 20 cm [max to 30 cm]

Marine; brackish

Commercial Fisheries
Yes, this fish was caught off 'Pasir Ris' on 19/8/03..
Reef-associated & mangrove estuaries.
This is NEITHER a stargazer, stonefish, scorpionfish nor rockfish.
Distinct irregular greyish-brown bars on sides, fins & tail. There are 2 main species of toadfishes recorded here. The other toadfish being the 'Allenbatrachus reticulatus[Singapore Toadfish]', is a smaller species with a max length of 11 cm SL. As both species look similar, ID is mainly thru the pit[or hole] present, behind the upper edge of pectoral fin base. If there's no hole behind, it's the 'Allenbatrachus reticulatus[Singapore Toadfish]'
*ID of this toadfish in the pic above are not ascertained because ID is based on the pic alone, & not on the actual fish itself. It is listed under this species based on the length size of 20 cm [max size of the other, is only 11 cm SL].  

Photo courtesy of 'Sinblesser'
Credit goes to 'Kelvin KP Lim' in helping in the ID of this fish
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