Two-spot Red Snapper
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Two-spot Red Snapper*
Pek tiam he'[hokkien]
Lutjanus bohar
Lutjanidae [Snappers]
28 cm [max to 90 cm]

12.5 kg
4 to 180 m
Commercial fisheries; Gamefish.
Likely to be.
Coral & outer reefs. Sometimes in groups. Feeds mainly on fishes, also shrimps, crabs & others.
At a glance, may look similar to the 'mangrove red snapper[Lutjanus argentimaculatus]. Differences: 2 small white spots on back; MRS, no spots at all.
Tail fin emarginate; MRS truncate.
Scale rows rising obliquely above lateral line; MRS only partial, seldom fully.
Snout shorter & pointed; MRS with longer snout.
Deep grove from eyes to nostrils; MRS much shallower. 
*Latest: ID may be wrong as this fish are usually red overall, not yellow..
Photo courtesy of 'Zingbean' [Fish caught in one of the Pay Pond]
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