Caeden Sg's Various Freshwater Fishing in Singapore
Here's some pics of my recent catches of freshwater fish using lures. Fish includes arowana, belida, sebarau, toman, koi & peacock base. All the fish were released unharmed, back to where they belong...                                    ***Some of the Fish pics are still under constructions***
'Clown Featherback', commonly known locally as 'belida'
2.5 kg beauty caught on Yozuri L minnow. They are known to be weak fighters.
Commonly known as 'arowana' This 'arowana' whacked my popper on 28/3/03 at 6am, weighing 2.1 kg. It made 7 aerial jumps before I managed to land it.
Classified under 'Common Carp' but this species is commonly known as 'japanese carp or koi'
Caught this on 31/3/03, it was foul hooked on it's tail by one of the L minnow's treble hook. It weighed a shocking 6 kg, likely coz she's in the pregnant state. It was a real lucky hit!
'Giant Snakehead', also known as 'toman'
My 2 frds & I went to this new spot from 6.30-9.00 am., we managed to land 2 tomans weighing 1.2[pic] & 2 kg. Lost another approx 3-4kg due to improper hook up.
Caught on storm rubber.
'Hampala Barb', local called it 'sebarau'
A double[3kg] hook-up, caught last mth. It happened to be a matching pair[male with the hump on the nape, female w/o]. 'Peacock Cichlid' but much commonly known as 'peacock base'
***Photos courtesy of 'Caeden Sg'***
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