Common Carp
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Common Carp or Mirror Carp or Aischgrund Carp
Japanese Carp or koi[mainly refering to the colorful bred species] [This particular koi is called the 'Kohaku', meaning red on white body combinations].
Cyprinus carpio carpio
Cyprinidae [Minnows or Carps]
[max to 120 cm SL]

6 kg [max to 37.3 kg]
Freshwater, brackish

Highly commercial fisheries; Commercial aquaculture; Gamefish; Commercial & show aquarium.
Yes, it was introduced. Some of them were probably abandoned in our reservoirs due to poor mixture of colours or loss of interest. This huge fish was
caught in Singapore by 'Caeden Sg'.
Hardy, generally favor large water bodies with standing or slow flowing water on soft bottom sediments. Feeds on a wide varieties from weeds to insects.
This species comes in many forms & colours. From dull drab to multi-coloured red, white, black, silver, golden, gray, yellow, orange or various combinations of those colours. Large & thick scales. The 'wild' species are generally less stocky build & of dull colour. Dorsal spines:3-4, rays:17-23; Anal spines:2-3, rays:5-6.
Photo courtesy of 'Caeden Sg'
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