Giantfish's Fishing off his Kelong/Fish-farm, Singapore
Pics of various fishes caught recently, off his Kelong/Fish-farm, somewhere off Pasir Ris area.
Another uncommon croaker species of this size. Likely to be the 'Bronze Croaker' though can't be confirmed.
A seldom-caught species of grouper, namely 'Giant Grouper'. As there's probably only a handful of this species left in our local water, pls DO NOT KILL & bring back this fish. Pls release this species of grouper as your action will save it from getting extinct in the near future. This particular fish was released after the pic was taken.
A good-sized 'Golden Trevally'
Son with a 'Threadfin' species,
Daughter, Aik Hui with another Threadfin, a 2.8 kg catch.
Family dog curious on the catches..
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Giant Grouper Fourfinger Threadfin
A big, 'Talang Queenfish'
For more info, drop by at his site: Goh Marine
***Photos courtesy of 'Giantfish'***
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