Giant Grouper
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Giant Grouper

Epinephelus lanceolatus
Serranidae [Seabasses: Groupers]
[max to 270 cm]

[max to 400 kg]
Marine, brackish
Up to 100 m
Commercial Aquarium; Gamefish.
Yes but in real limited numbers
Coral reefs, estuarines.. Feeds on a very wide varieties of food due to their potential huge sizes.
Different colours & patterns during different phases: Small juveniles bright to deep yellow with broad black bars; Young adults[below approx 50cm], with irregular white or yellow spots & smaller black spots on fins; Adults, dark brown with faint, pale mottling. Fin count: Dorsal spines:11, rays:14-16 ; Anal spines:3, rays:8.
*If u catch one of these grouper, pls release it, DO NOT KILL it & bring it back. This species may extinct from our water in the near future if we do not take any action to conserve it. Thk you. This particular fish was released after taking this pic.
Photo courtesy of 'Giantfish' [Fish caught off his Kelong/Fishfarm]
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