My 2nd Offshore Fishing Trip off Changi[5/10/02]
Set off at about 10 am to the shallow waters off reclaimed land, got mostly small groupers. Head out east to a few spots, end up getting mainly grunters..dun know where all the trevallies, queenies disappeared to!. Baits used were live prawns. Waters were quite calm thru' out. Final tally: 7 grunters; 3 seaperch[sea KBL]; 12 groupers; 1 coralgrouper; 2 croakers; 1 snapper; 1 parrotfish; 1 hairtail...............28 fishes but mostly small sizes..
Gary & Anthony.....Grunters are mainly btw 450gm to 1 kg.
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A pair of "Javelin Grunters"
Roving Coralgrouper
Unidentified Grunter
Big-snout Croaker
Chocolate Hind
12 Groupers - mainly of small 'Chocolate Hind' & 'Duskytail Grouper'
7 Javelin Grunters - btw 450 gm to 1 kg.
3 Waigieu Seaperch - better known locally as 'Hai kim bak lor[sea KBL]'
2 Big-snout Croaker - of small sizes.
1 Roving Coralgrouper - seldom caught in local waters...
1 Parrotfish - small
1 Hairtail - [Ribbonfish]
1 Snapper - small
Total - 28 fishes........
Waigieu Seaperch
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