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Hi! I'm Eileen, welcome to my Fishing Page & Contributor's Page..If you have any fishing pics or pics of your catch or stories/reports of your fishing trips[Offshore or anywhere in S'pore, it doesn't matters], u are most welcomed to contribute some of them here. You can email your pics to me at "" Thank you & hope to hear from all of you soon....:)

Let's all help to conserve our fish species by "Putting back those juvenile fishes back to where they belong. Give them a chance to grow & multiply. If u have no intention of consuming your catches, pls release the fish & let it live. Whatever fishes u see in my site, big or small, nothing are wasted. Some are for specimens photo-taking & fish identifications purposes for everybody's benefit. Thank u.***
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Christina's Catches off Pangerrang, Malaysia & Horsburgh Added on 6/12/03
Photos courtesy of surfer, Christina Yap
Kelvin Seow's Catches off Rompin & Redang, Malaysia  Added on 28/11/03
Photos courtesy of surfer, Kelvin Seow
My 8th Offshore Fishing Trip - off Changi[24/10/03]  Added on 1/11/03
Tunafishy's Various Shorefishing in Singapore  Added on 24/10/03
Photos courtesy of surfer, Tunafishy
Giantfish's Fishing off his Kelong/Fishfarm, Singapore  Added on 5/8/03
Photos courtesy of surfer, Giantfish
Kenny's Fishing Trip off Riau Islands, Indonesia  Added on 22/7/03
Photos courtesy of surfer, Kenny
My Offshore Fishing Trip off Horsburgh[28-29/06/03]  Added on 11/7/03
Catalyst's Record Catch in Freshwater LSR[Mid May 03]  Added on 29/5/03
Photos courtesy of surfer, Catalyst
My 5th Offshore Fishing Trip off Changi[18/04/03]  Added on 25/4/03
Caeden Sg's Various Freshwater Fishing in Singapore   Added on 18/4/03
Photos courtesy of surfer, Caeden Sg
Brenda's Fish Sighting in USA   Added on 11/4/03
Photos courtesy of surfer, Brenda Gammage
Alex Ong's Various Boat Fishing Trips in Australia & Malaysia Added on 20/3/03
Photos courtesy of surfer, Alex Ong
Fishermen Friend's Boat Fishing Trip off Tuas on 23/2/03  Added on 13/3/03
Photos courtesy of surfer, Fishermen friend
Christina Yap's Various Boat Fishing Trips off Changi   Added on 6/3/03
Photos courtesy of surfer, Christina Yap
Kingrudyz's Boat Fishing Trip off Changi on 12/2/03  Added on 27/2/03
Photos courtesy of surfer, Kingrudyz
My 4th Offshore Fishing Trip off Changi[12/02/03]  Added on 18/2/03
My 3rd Offshore Fishing Trip off Changi[30/12/02]  Added on 3/1/03
Mike Goh - Mapor's[Indonesia] Boat Fishing    Added on 26/11/02
Photos courtesy of surfer, Mike Goh
Whirl's Island Fishing off East of Singapore     Added on 19/11/02
Photos courtesy of surfer, Whirl
Ami's Offshore Fishing Trip off Singapore   Added on 29/10/02
Photos courtesy of surfer, Ami
My 2nd Offshore Fishing Trip off Changi[5/10/02]   Added on 17/10/02
Sam Chong - MALDIVES Boat Fishing   Added on 9/10/02
Photos courtesy of surfer, Sam Chong
Melvin Ng's Catch   Added on 30/9/02
Photos courtesy of surfer, Melvin Ng
Chng's Catch at Bedok Jetty on 4/9/02   Added on 23/9/02
Photos courtesy of angler, Chng
NightAngler-Offshore Trip off Southern S'pore[31/8/02]  Added on 16/9/02
Photos courtesy of surfer, NightAngler
Sam Chong - Bangkok Freshwater Fishing[23/8/02]   Added on 11/9/02
Sam Chong - Bangkok Freshwater Fishing[12/7/02]   Added on 26/8/02
Photos courtesy of surfer, Sam Chong
My Offshore Fishing Trip off Changi[4/8/02]   Added on 6/8/02
Selarkiller - Offshore Fishing Trip off Southern S'pore[27/7/02]   Added on 1/8/02
Photos courtesy of surfer, Selarkiller
Anthony Wong - Offshore Fishing Trip off Changi[14/7/02]   Added on 17/7/02
Photos courtesy of surfer, Anthony Wong
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