Longhead Grunt
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Local common name:
Scientific name:
Total Length:
Width[excl fins]:
Depth range:
Local waters:


Longhead Grunt
Gu hood[hokkien]
Pomadasys auritus
Haemulidae [Grunts]
58.5 cm
17.2 cm
3.35 kg

Commercial Fisheries.
Yes, this fish was caught during
'my 5th offshore trip off Changi, Singapore'.
Considered as rare species[but not endangered] as it's occurance limited, only to a few places.
The obvious difference from the rest of the grunters, is the protuding convex rounded opercle.[The same applies for juveniles too]. Plenty of black spots in between the scales on the dorsal part of the body. Golden or yellow tinge body colour. Body much slender than other grunters. This specimen: Dorsal spines:12, rays:14-15; Anal spines:3, rays:8.
TL: 33.7 cm, Width: 10.2 cm, Wgt: 450 gm. This fish was caught during 'my 2nd fishing trip off changi.'
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