Paradise Whiptail
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Paradise Whiptail**

Pentapodus paradiseusi
Nemipteridae [Threadfin/Whiptail Breams]
16.1 cm, excl trailing filament [max to 30 cm]
4.3 cm


Near reefs. Feeds on small fishes, crustaceans & polychaetes.
Subsistencel fisheries.
Yes, this fish was caught somewhere off Singapore Changi during
my 4th offshore trip on 12/2/03.
A long trailing fliament on the upp lobe of caudal fin. 2 pale blue lines joining together with a black spots on the caudal peduncle. Upp body pale brownish, lower whitish. 3 bluish stripes across snout. A yellow stripe from behind eye to upp base of pectoral fin. Another yellow stripe from middle of upp lip[beneath eye] to below pectoral fin. Dorsal spines:10, rays:9. Anal spines:3, rays:7.
Another similar species, 'butterfly Whiptail[P. setosus]' looked identical to this fish with the same fins count & body colour EXCEPT tht it have only 2 bluish stripes across it's snout & minus the 2 yellow stripes. It's also a smaller species with a max size of only 17.5cmSL

**Take note that live specimens have brighter stripes. Due to the loss in stripes colour, this fish cld not positively confirm as it cld be a 'butterfly whiptail' too**
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