Spotted Coralgrouper
'Maroon-brown' species. Wgt: 1.35 kg; TL: 45.8 cm; Width[excl fins]: 12.5 cm.
FAO name:
Local common name:
Scientific name:
Total Length:
Width[excl fins]:
Depth range:
Local waters:


Spotted Coralgrouper
Ang Gao[hokkien]
Plectropomus maculatus
Serranidae [Sea basses: Groupers]
[max to 100 cm SL]

1.8 kg(Top fish) [max to 25 kg]
5 to 100 m
Commercial Fisheries; Commercial Aquaculture; Gamefish.
Yes but in limited numbers. This fish was caught during my offshore trip, in Horsburgh waters on 28/6/03.

Reef associated. Feeds on fishes, crustaceans, squids.
[ID are mainly on the shapes & types of spots & not on the colour of the fish as there's a few grouper species with similar colours but different types of spots.] Body colour ranging from red, maroon, brown, orange to olive green. Spots are light to bright blue with the edge darker & ranging from small, big & longish shapes. Dark edged blue spots on head, becoming horizonally longish near the grill area, then smaller spots towards the tail fin. No spots on pelvic fins. A white narrowed edge at the rear margin of the tail fin.
Dorsal spines:7-8, rays:10-12; Anal spines:3, rays:8
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