Proteracanthus sarissophorus
Local common name:
Scientific name:
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Proteracanthus sarissophorus

Proteracanthus sarissophorus
Ephippidae [Spadefishes, batfishes & scats]
[Max to 32.5 cm SL]
Approx 1 kg
Marine, brackish
Yes, this fish was one of the fish caught by Nightangler during his night fishing trip somewhere off south of S'pore. U can view the other fish in my
"Fishing Trips/ Contributor's Page". It's not common here as even the experienced boatman had not even seen this fish before. 
It had been finally ID as the abovementioned name but with no english name. With an unusual long dorsal spine & hard large scales..

Credit goes to Nicolas Bailly & Philippe Bearez, both from Fishbase Consortium, Paris, France, in helping in the identification of this fish. And also to Nightangler, Chan Sow-Yan, Kelvin Ng, all from S'pore, in assisting out. Photo courtesy of Nightangler.
Another similar kind of fish was found in S'pore Jurong Fishery Port on 17/9/02.
Photo courtesy of Chan Sow-Yan from
Since 14 Sep 2002
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