My 5th Offshore Fishing Trip off Changi[18/4/03]
8 of us headed straight out to the deeper water. Caught mainly grunters, this time sizes seemed to be much bigger. Two exceptionally huge at 3.35 & 2.1 kg, the rest mainly in the 800-1.2 kg range. There's lots of huge catfishes too[mainly around 1kg, with the biggest at 1.575kg. We had to change locations many times to avoid the catfish as we had to unhook & keep throwing it back.. Final tally: 13 grunters, 2 pike congers[malongs] & countless of catfishes[most of them released except for some ID specimens]. 3 different species of catfishes & 2 species of grunters spotted.
I've got the 2nd biggest at 2.1kg...
The biggest grunter I've seen so far...
Papa grunter at 3.35kg, mama at 2.1kg & son at 950gm [normal size]. Catfish at 1.575kg & 1.1kg.
My younger brother, Jackson, on his 1st boat trip, got a great start with his big catch at 3.35kg
Indian Pike Conger
Longhead Grunt
Javelin Grunter
Fishing boat...
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