My Offshore Fishing Trip off Changi[4/8/02]
On my recent offshore trip, with 5 other anglers, somewhere off Changi on 4 Aug 02. Set off around 8.15 am. all of us have pretty high hopes but after trying for 3 hrs plus, still no bites, no actions. Then the wind started to blow, followed by the rain, making the sea very choppy & rough.
The first fish came in only after 2.30 pm & that brought our morale up. Soon the rest of the fishes started to take our baits[live prawns] but at a slow rate. The boatman had to change the fishing spots a couple of times. We finally called it off at 7 pm. Overall catch: Only 19 fish....7 groupers, 5 snappers, 4 grunters, 2 stingrays, 1 sweetlips. No unusual or special fish this trip. Better luck next time...:)
Trying my luck...
It's pretty heavy...maybe 4 to 5 kg...
Biggest catch of the day.....Sting-ray...
Surprised to see 2 grunters in one line..
2 Grunters at one go....with the boatman looking on.
Doing his weight-lifting...
Overall catch: 19
7 Groupers
5 Snappers
4 Grunters
2 Stingrays[not in pic]
1 Sweetlips
Duskytail Grouper John's Snapper
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