My Offshore Fishing Trip off Horsburgh[28-29/6/03]
Set off at Punggol Marina at 8+ with 6 of us onboard, including Capt Yew Seng & his deckhand assistant. Sea was calm thru' out the 3 hr journey. Reached there about noon, tried the 70m drop but no taker. Using mainly live prawns & tambams in the daylight hrs, we tried a few locations from 20+m to 70m over depth. Night time mainly squids caught on location, both big & small & abundant of them. Underwater current was very strong, moved back to the sheltered water for better comfort, even then, a 22w sinker cld not reach the 29m bottom!! Mainly sharks were caught.
Current only slackens at around 5+ am, moved out to the open again. Strikes start comin in only after 8+. Landed quite a number of them but no real biggies. Best catch: the 1.8 kg 'Spotted Coralgrouper[ang gau]' by Yew Seng. Called it a day at 11am as storm was approching from a distance. White caps were forming everywhere, 2-3 m waves splashing on bow every now & then. Travelling only at 4-5 knots, still took us 2 hrs travelling from 'Middle Rock to Penggarang. It's a long & free viking ride tht knocked all of us down, literally to the floor!!! End up taking about 5 hrs trip back.
Overall: An enjoyable trip with nice, warm dinner provided, friendly & helpful Capt & his joker assistant. Looking forward to another trip, maybe head out to Sth China Sea the next time round...:)
Minimum sizes of the fishes in the above pic are 25 cm & above. These 'links' are linking to the same species but of a different fish.
5 '
Painted Sweetlips[kaci]'                 4 'Blackspot Tuskfishes[eng gor]'
3 '
Spanish Flag Snappers'                  2 'Seagrass Tuskfishes[eng gor]'
2 '
Monogrammed Monocle Breams'    1 'Orange-spotted Grouper'
***Click on some of the fishes, to view the details***
1.8 kg 'Spotted Coralgrouper'
'Freckled Goatfish'
My biggest 'tuskfish' caught, still slightly below 1 kg
'Bumpnose Trevally'
'Russell's Snapper'
"NightAngler" or Yew Seng's chartered boat. For more info, u can contact him at email:
'Blackspot [Dory] Snapper'
'Saddle Grunt'
'Flat Needlefish'
'To be identified' Croaker
*Palm-sized fishes were released unless specimens were needed for ID purposes.
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