My 8th Offshore Fishing Trip - off Changi[24/10/03]
6 of us headed straight out to the deeper water of Johore Shoal. As usual, the species of fish were more or less expected. Only this time, more pike congers[malongs] & tenpounders were encountered. Surprisingly, hardly any sea catfishes were biting. Pike congers & tenpounders are real great fighters as they pulled exceptionally hard. Hooked up rate for tenpounders are usually poor as they have the habit of swimming towards u, then diving under the boat before jumping out of the water to disloge themselves from the hook when u pull up to the surface.
Almost as tall as me & scaling at 4.6 kg Tenpounder at 1.4 kg
5 Longhead Grunts - heaviest at 2 kg
4 Indian Pike Congers - heaviest at 4.6 kg
2 different Sea Catfishes - heaviest at 1.2 kg
1 Tenpounder - at 1.4 kg
1 Monogrammed Monocle Bream
***Click on the fish to view the details: Except for the catfishes, all the pics shown below were fishes caught previously but are of the same species***
Mozambique Sea Catfish Sona Sea Catfish Longhead Grunt Indian Pike conger Tenpounder Monogrammed Monocle Bream
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